Choosing The Sauna That’s Right For You

Congratulations on making the decision to buy your own Home Sauna – it’s a decision you’ll never regret! You can now look forward to years of pleasure, not to mention the many proven health benefits, such as reduced stress and improved sleep and general wellbeing.

The next step is to choose your Sauna from our wide range of products, or talk to us about custom Home Sauna design, to meet all your needs.

At Brisbane Spa Centre Sauna & Steam we have many years’ experience in installing authentic, traditional Finnish Saunas, in private homes, top resorts and luxury hotels.

We are proud to bring you top-of-the-range Harvia Saunas, direct from Finland. Harvia is a leading manufacturer of saunas in Europe, with more than 60 years’ experience in the industry.

Installing a sauna room in your home is a very wise move; not only will you enjoy so many benefits, but it is a touch of luxury that will add value and exclusivity to your property.

We believe the only true sauna is a traditional sauna, made using the best Canadian Western Red Cedar for the cabin and carpentry, teamed with the very latest technology for heating.

We supply the full range of sauna services, from DIY Sauna Room Kits and Sauna Heaters, to custom-designed and built saunas. We will come to your property and discuss your needs, help you choose your model and pick the best location for erection.

FACT: We use 12 different profiles of timber to build a sauna.
Have you ever looked at Sauna deals online and thought, that’s too good to be true? The chances are that it is! Cheap, quick fix saunas may sound attractive but we strongly advise against their use.

If you’re seeking a true Sauna Room experience, and a product that will continue to look good and deliver the best results for years to come, you just can’t beat an authentic Finnish Sauna.

Traditional Sauna vs Infrared Sauna
Since their earliest use thousands of years ago, traditional saunas have worked by creating heat, by tipping water over hot rocks. That is how you control the temperature of your sauna. The ideal Sauna Heater uses special volcanic rocks.

In recent years, we have seen the introduction of the Infrared Sauna. This type of sauna uses Infrared Heaters – rather than steam – to warm the body, in the same way as natural sunlight. Whilst quite affordable and relatively safe to use, there is still some debate over the health benefits of Infrared Saunas.

Unlike a traditional sauna, an infrared sauna generally requires you to lie on an infrared heating pad, so that the invisible light rays can reach all of your body. You should always consult your doctor before using an infrared sauna.

Traditional saunas are fitted with comfortable timber benches, where you can sit or lie. Our saunas range in size from 2-person saunas to much larger models, ideal for those who love to socialise.

The most important element of your new sauna is the Sauna Heater. We use Harvia Sauna Heaters, made in Finland.

Boasting a world-wide reputation for quality and performance, these heaters are manufactured using the latest technology and best quality materials. They are designed to deliver maximum performance and enhanced heating efficiency, and are durable and dependable.

Made from quality stainless steel combined with Finnish know-how, our sauna heaters guarantee excellence to satisfy the demands of discriminating sauna-goers.

Brisbane Spa Centre Sauna & Steam sells sauna heaters, commercial sauna heaters and wood-burning heaters.