Enjoy The Benefits Of Steam Bathing In Your Own Home

Steam RoomFor those who don’t enjoy the intense heat of the sauna, a traditional Steam Room is the perfect alternative – and now it’s easy and affordable to install one in your own home.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans were well aware of the soothing and healing benefits of using steam, and built huge public baths, often heated by natural underground hot springs.

One of the most famous Roman Baths can be found in Bath in England. Using an existing hot spring, the Romans took over the site and starting building the Baths in 60-70 AD. Work continued for 300 years, and includes one of the most elaborate plumbing systems ever seen. Lead pipes were used to carry the naturally hot spa water around the site, for use in a variety of heated rooms and saunas.

Thanks to modern technology, all the ancient benefits of Steam Rooms can now be enjoyed in a smaller, purpose-built room, which can easily fit into most homes.

Brisbane Spa Centre Sauna & Steam offers a range of attractive high-tech Steam Rooms to match your needs and location. These include a modular structure which also incorporates a shower and body jets.

Your Custom Steam Room can be tiled, and would have a glass door – or a full glass front.

We are the Australian distributer for Harvia sauna and steam heating equipment and accessories, and have just released the latest range of stainless steel heaters now available in Australia.

How Does A Steam Room Work?
The health benefits of sauna and steam rooms are very similar – but a Steam Room works quite differently to a Sauna.

Saunas generate very high temperatures, but little humidity, and are perfect for those who enjoy a dry heat.

Steam Rooms operate at much lower temperatures – around 45-50 degrees centigrade – with 100% humidity. This combination of soft gentle heat and high humidity give complete relaxation both in body and mind.

Like a Sauna, a Steam Room is one of the most effective solutions to today’s high stress world, offering a wide range of benefits when used regularly. The Steam Bath not only cleanses the skin but also removes impurities and moisturises, a major advantage in our dry climate.

By providing a warm, moist environment, your Steam Room can be used to relieve aches and pains, boost circulation and help relieve the symptoms of bronchitis, asthma, sinus and other respiratory conditions.

And because it raises your body temperature, a Steam Room can also produce some of the benefits of exercise, without you moving a muscle!

FACT: You can convert an existing shower into a Steam Room or Steam Shower.
True! These days, many people choose to combine a shower with steam room technology to create their own private Steam Shower. It’s easy and affordable.

This method is particularly well suited to new builds, as all the plumbing can be put in place at the start. It also enables you to create a bigger, purpose-built space.

However, Brisbane Spa Centre Sauna & Steam can also adapt your existing shower space to create a private Steam Shower Spa. Pop in and see us, or give us a call, and you could soon be enjoying all the benefits of a Steam Shower.

Steam Generators
Brisbane Spa Centre Sauna & Steam is the Australian distributer for Harvia sauna and steam heating equipment and accessories, and the latest range of stainless steel heaters is now available in-store.

Steam Room Generators play a key role in the efficiency of your Steam Room, so it’s essential to choose a known and trusted brand, and have it fitted by professionals.

We specialise in domestic steam generators and commercial steam generators, and all our models are manufactured using high grade materials.