36 Years Celebration

Custom Saunas

Our custom Saunas are built to fit your existing room to within a millimeter, every piece of timber is cut to the exact dimensions necessary to suit your rooms dimensions. Our custom Sauna service is second to none and we take no shortcuts.

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Saunas and Steam Rooms have been around for thousands of years, used throughout the world for their therapeutic benefits, and as a place to gather and socialise. Once only accessible at health resorts and hotels, it is now possible, and affordable, to install your own private sauna and/or steam room.

If you are thinking of adding a traditional sauna or steam room to your own property, you have come to the right place. Brisbane Spa Centre Sauna & Steam sells only top quality, authentic saunas, steam rooms and steam showers, and hot tubs.

For over 36 years we have been supplying, installing and maintaining traditional Finnish saunas to private and commercial clients, and our name is synonymous with top quality products, excellent workmanship and ongoing service and support.

Sadly, the growing popularity of home saunas and steam rooms has seen an influx of cheap, inferior products from overseas. At the very least, these can be disappointing and problematic, costing you large sums of money to service and repair.

At worst, they can also be dangerous if they don't comply with AS-NZS 3000 wiring rules.

At Brisbane Spa Centre Sauna & Steam, we don't take shortcuts, and we don't skimp on quality. We have an outstanding reputation throughout Queensland for home sauna design and commercial saunas.

  • Brisbane Spa Centre is an Australian-owned family-run business.
  • All our products are traditional, authentic and manufactured using the very best materials.
  • We have achieved the distinction of being a preferred supplier to the accommodation industry.
  • We are the Australian / New Zealand Distributor for Harvia sauna and steam heating equipment and accessories, and have just released the latest range of stainless steel heaters now available in Australia.
  • We service all brands of sauna heater and steam generators, and stock a comprehensive range of spare parts.
  • We also offer an on-going maintenance and electrical safety check by our licensed electrician.
  • We are committed to providing the best product to meet your needs and expectations.

Service & Maintenance

We service all brands of sauna heater & steam generators, and stock a comprehensive range of spare parts. We also offer an on-going maintenance and electrical safety check by our licensed electrician. Contact us to find out more >>

Steam Rooms

A life style dating back to ancient history where cold water pools with steam baths became commonplace all over Greece and later spread to Rome. Read More >>


New Products

Ask about our new Sauna Masta electronic sauna control system designed for commercial installations including clubs, gyms etc. The program guards against the sauna heater continuing to run when the sauna is no longer in use. A conservative estimate of the savings achievable from this feature for a 8kw heater would be $700.00 per annum. Please call us for more information on this product.

Soapstone hand carved sauna humidifier and soapstone wall thermometers

LED IP65 down lights for steam rooms

“Steam on demand” system for steam room operation. This system is designed for both domestic and commercial installations and will produce steam in aprox 30 sec and save heaps on water consumption & electricity costs.