About Us

A Trusted Australian Company Since 1980

Brisbane Spa Centre Sauna & Steam is a fully Australian-owned, family business, operated by Gary Croft and his sons, Cameron and Mitchell.

Gary began the business in 1980, when he moved to the Sunshine Coast from Melbourne, with wife Betty. Intrigued by the growing popularity of Hot Tubs, and finding a highly skilled barrel-maker in Bundaberg, he set about introducing this enjoyable and therapeutic pastime to Australia.

As time went by, and his growing family became involved in the business, Gary expanded the range to include authentic Finnish Saunas and Steam Rooms.

Disappointed by the growing number of cheap, inferior products arriving in the country, Gary was determined to maintain his reputation for selling only top quality, traditional, authentic Saunas, Hot Tubs and Steam Rooms.

To achieve this, Brisbane Spa Centre became the Australian / New Zealand Distributor for Harvia sauna and steam heating equipment and accessories.

It wasn’t long before Brisbane Spa Centre became the go-to supplier for not only private homes, but also Queensland’s top hotels and resorts, particularly on the Gold Coast.

Specialising in steam and sauna room design, steam and sauna room installation, steam room servicing and repair, Brisbane Spa Centre is a trusted name, using only highly qualified and trained licensed contractors.

Brisbane Spa Centre Sauna & Steam has achieved the distinction of being a preferred supplier to the accommodation industry and providing the highest level of service.