Adding A Hot Tub To Your Home

cedar hot tubWhilst the many health benefits of Saunas and Steam Rooms revolve mostly around the use of heat, they also make full use of the proven healing qualities of water.

For thousands of years, societies around the world have enjoyed the therapeutic pleasures of soaking in warm water, from the ancient Roman Baths to the hot springs of Japan and Iceland.

The modern ‘hot tub’ trend started in California in the 1960s, when people started modifying large oak wine barrels into private soaking hot tubs. Although many different materials have since been introduced, Western Red Cedar wood is still considered the best.

As well as its natural resistance to decay, wood has a great natural insulating property, and expands to form a very tight seal when wet. It also looks stunning, when incorporated into your deck or garden.

Brisbane Spa Centre Sauna & Steam manufactures hot tubs using a mix of old world cooperage (barrel-making) and modern design and technology.

Is It A Hot Tub Or A Spa?
A new trend in ‘hot tubs’ began in the 1970s with the introduction of plastic moulding and injection spa shells. Today, spas are also manufactured using acrylic, thermoplastic or soft vinyl. It was here that the line blurred a little between ‘hot tub’ and ‘spa’.

A hot tub should only be made of wood and, as with most trends, that classic look and superior functionality has seen the rebirth of the traditional wooden hot tub.

At Brisbane Spa Centre, we don’t believe the architectural appeal and unique styling of a wood hot tub could ever be matched by plastics. Offering simplicity and functionality, it is the perfect addition to any home.

The Benefits Of A Wood Hot Tub
We pride ourselves on producing high quality, wood hot tubs. The process starts by selecting only the highest grade of Clear Western Red Cedar. It’s sweet aromatic scent and impressive durability has made cedar the number one choice for hot tub construction.

Cedar wood incorporates straight fibrous strands, which absorb water, causing it to expand equally and form a permanent watertight seal. These same porous strands also give cedar one of the highest insulating values of all common woods.

Cedar is the natural choice for all outdoor hot tubs and wood-fired hot tubs.

Choosing Your Hot Tub Site
Choosing where to place your new Hot Tub is extremely important. We recommend choosing a level site with good drainage, away from trees which drop their leaves. You should also consider ease of access, landscaping, wind direction and shielding, and shelter for the filter unit.

If your Hot Tub is to be located indoors, you will need good cross ventilation, fans or dehumidifiers. You will also require adequate floor drainage for any spills.

Whether you are running your Hot Tub inside or out, you will also need a pump, filter unit, heater and aerator.

The growing popularity of spas and hot tubs has seen the market expand to include many low-priced units. But please remember that any appliance which combines water and power requires very high levels of safety.

At Brisbane Spa Centre Sauna & Steam, we sell only top quality safety-approved hot tubs. All our products go through strict quality and safety checks. Our aim is to deliver not only the best Hot Tub, Sauna or Steam Room experience, but also the safest.