Enjoy the Benefits of a Traditional Finnish Sauna

FACT: Most Finnish homes have their own sauna.
Finland is generally regarded as the birthplace of the sauna. In fact, taking saunas is a way of life in Finland, with references to the habit dating back to 1112.

No Finnish home is considered complete without at least a traditional sauna, and often a steam room or steam shower, too, plus a hot tub.

At Brisbane Spa Centre Sauna & Steam, we sell ONLY authentic traditional sauna heating, manufactured in Finland by leading supplier, Harvia. Founded in 1950 by Tapani Harvia, this family-run company produces a wide range of products, which we are proud to bring to Australia.

Whether you are planning to build or remodel a sauna at home, or a commercial sauna, Brisbane Spa Centre and Harvia have the perfect solution.

Our custom Saunas are built to fit your existing room to within a millimetre. Every piece of timber is cut to the exact dimensions necessary to suit your room’s dimensions. Our custom Sauna service is second-to-none and we take no shortcuts.

Only the very best Western Red Cedar, harvested from sustainable Canadian forests, is used to build your sauna – a key element in creating an authentic sauna experience. It is the natural oils inherent in this beautiful timber that deliver that wonderful aroma when heated.

Virtually impervious to pests, rot and weather, Western Red Cedar is perfect for carpentry and unaffected by high temperatures.

How Does It Work?
At Brisbane Spa Centre we combine tradition and innovation to create the most efficient and luxurious home saunas and commercial saunas. These can be built as a portable kit sauna, or custom-built on site to any size or design, indoors or out.

The specially designed Western Red Cedar panelled room is electrically heated – with the option of wood-burning heaters. The desired temperature is achieved using special volcanic rocks, and can be adjusted to your personal preference by pouring water over the stones.

The temperature inside the sauna is very hot, generally between 60 degrees centigrade to 110 degrees centigrade. However, the dry air in the sauna, combined with the aroma of the natural timber, ensures the atmosphere is both enjoyable, and beneficial to your body and mind.

The aim of the sauna is to stimulate perspiration, in order to open and cleanse the pores of the skin, and eliminate toxins. Thanks to the very low humidity in the sauna, however, the perspiration evaporates and keeps the skin cool.

Sauna Room benefits are well documented and now, it is both possible and affordable to enjoy them in the privacy of your home.

Combine a traditional sauna with your spa or Western Red Cedar hot tub to create the most complete environment in which to relax and rejuvenate.